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With North Texas Luxury Living’s expertise, you can discover the right value of your property and make well-informed decisions.

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4012 Startling Drive Frisco

4012 Startling Drive

5285 County Road 862 McKinney

5285 County Road 862

3180 Brookhollow Court

6509 Sudbury Road

6509 Sudbury Road

4301 Armstrong Parkway

Dallas 5315 Meaders Lane

5315 Meaders Lane

Having Trouble Managing Your Property?

Trust Chris, your Real Estate Agent in Frisco TX, to help you manage your property with great expertise. His in-depth knowledge and experience will help you elevate your property investment.


Meet Chris: An Expert Real Estate Agent In Frisco TX

Christopher Vierthaler is your local realtor at North Texas Luxury Living, with more than 15 years of experience in local real estate, helping you find the most beautiful and affordable homes for sale in Frisco TX. He understands that every client has certain expectations from their property, and his primary goal is to satisfy the client’s requirements.

Not only does he focus on delivering top-notch properties that align with the client’s preferences, but also helps them locate communities and neighborhoods that support their future plans and daily lives. With his strong network and local expertise, he conducts competitive market analysis to negotiate better and find the best deals possible.

Let’s find your dream home together! Call Chris today at (214) 430-8844 or send an email to

Frisco Realtor | Real Estate Agent in Texas

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Explore the best homes for sale in Texas with North Texas Luxury Living on your side. Use our custom-tailored tools and guidance to find your dream home.

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Renting a home was never this easy! Chris, your local realtor, will help you find the best rentals using his years of experience as a real estate agent in Frisco TX.

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With North Texas Luxury Living, selling a home becomes easy. We help you find the best deals in the real estate market of Texas and sell your home without delays.

Home Valuation

North Texas Luxury Living will help you find the correct value of your home in the market, with the guidance of our home valuation experts.

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Chris, your expert Real Estate Agent in Frisco TX, provides personal guidance to every client. He understands the requirements and goals of every home buyer, seller, renter, or investor, giving them a customized plan of action.

Custom-Tailored Tools

We help our clients explore the best homes for sale in Texas as per their goals and budgets, using our custom-tailored tools and decades of experience. Working with North Texas Luxury Living, your home buying or renting journey becomes seamless.

Quality Marketing Techniques

North Texas Luxury Living uses proven real-world marketing techniques to help you sell your house quickly and efficiently. We make sure to find the correct value of your home in the real estate market of Texas and sell it for the best deals.
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What Our Clients Say

Hannah Markley
Hannah Markley
April 17, 2024
Chris went above and beyond to help me and get me in the perfect home! If you need someone who really does care , and will really advocate for your best interests go with Chris Vierthaler!!
Jagpreet Singh
Jagpreet Singh
April 2, 2022
Chris is a very knowledgeable and experienced realtor, knows his job extremely well. He helped my buy my first home, walked me through the entire process with a lot of patience and honesty. An excellent human who is truthful to his clients and works with them through the entire process and beyond, more as a friend then a business associate.
Mike Triebsch
Mike Triebsch
March 24, 2022
Chris truly goes above and beyond what is expected and required. The day of my closing, he was in my driveway shoveling dirt into a ditch that a contractor left uncovered. Chris knew that it would cause a problem and took care of it himself rather than postponing the closing or trying to get someone else to do it on short notice. In a world where customer service is non existent, Chris is the exception to the rule. You will not find a better agent/broker.
Beckie McCauley
Beckie McCauley
March 23, 2022
Chris worked closely with us to ensure we were satisfied with our deal, and stayed in touch all along the way. He made the process easy for us!
Godwin Omane
Godwin Omane
March 23, 2022
We had the pleasure of working with Chris Vierthaler, my family and I loved our selling experience as Chris was trustworthy, untroubled and made the whole experience enjoyable, Chris is a class act and knowledgeable, our home was sold in 2days and more than the asking price! extremely helpful and very thorough all the way to the end, if you're looking to buy or sell look no further, he made the process so easy and stressfree, thank you so much Chris
February 4, 2022
Christopher is great! He’s so personable. He went above and beyond for us. He’ll make sure you get what you need.
Bill Burris
Bill Burris
December 6, 2020
Chris was super responsive and professional even under difficult conditions. You won’t be disappointed.
Debajyoti Dutta
Debajyoti Dutta
May 13, 2019
I have fabulous experience with North Texas Luxury Living. Chris was always instrumental helping and guiding new buyer like me. Overall journey was exciting. I truly appreciate his winning attitude and reach knowledge.
MickandTrish Jones
MickandTrish Jones
March 21, 2019
We were starting to plan for our retirement home and needed more information. Since we are located in New England our research began online with Zillow. A few townhouses in Addison seemed like they might work so we wanted to see them. The person who answered our request was Chris V. Even though we told him we were years away from purchasing he was happy to work with us. We flew to Texas and Chris spent a great deal of time showing us townhouses in Addison and Frisco. He was wonderful to work with and we quickly focused on Frisco for our search. After we returned to New England we continued to monitor the market each day when we received information from Chris by email or text message. As we learned more about the Frisco area from Chris the more we loved it. During our second visit to Texas we found a townhouse we wanted. While we left town, Chris did all the local tasks needed to move the purchase forward. Unfortunately, the appraisal came in too low and we were beginning to suspect a townhouse might not be the right choice for us. Chris helped us begin a new search for single family homes. It didn’t take long before we found the perfect retirement home and bought it. The purchase was handled locally by Chris since we were back in New England. Nearly every aspect of the process was taken care of by Chris including organizing cleaners, landscapers, and many tasks like replacing light bulbs. Chris was there for us the whole way, offering information, suggestions, assistance, and going above and beyond what anyone could expect from their realtor. We will be moving to a new house and already feel like we have made our first friend. Anyone in need of a realtor would be lucky to have Chris and if we ever need a realtor again, Chris will definitely be the person we contact.
Lisa Castillo
Lisa Castillo
March 3, 2019
My husband and I had a great first time home buyer experience with North Texas Luxury Living.Our realator Chris V. was super helpful and went out of his way to help us find the right home. Chris has a contractor back ground which was helpful in choosing a house and looking at different structural opportunities we never would’ve thought of! We moved from out of state and a few times we were only able to look at houses on the weekends and Chris was flexible with our schedules and at times even picked us up for the airport so we wouldn’t have to rent a car. The home buying process can be overwhelming, but Chris made sure to include us in every email and always asked about how we felt about different things instead of just trying to ‘’make a sale.’’ It was apparent that he really wanted to get us into a home we truly loved.We could not have asked for a better realtor. We were working under a time constraint and from the time we made an offer to the time we closed there was plenty of communication via email, text, and phone calls.This really made us feel that we were a priority to our realtor. From start to finish we closed in 17 days!!! I would definitely recommend Texas Luxury Living and ask for Chris V. He is direct and to the point.He will not sugar coat any of the findings on the properties he finds for you.

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    Your dream home is waiting for you!