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Things You Must Do Before Listing Your Homes For Sale in Texas

You have finally made the decision to sell your beautiful Texas home, maybe it was because your final child has left or graduated from college, or perhaps you just needed to downsize, no matter the reason you are ready to start listing.  Now what?  Next question, Where do I start?  So, before you decide to…

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The Benefits of Living At Twelve Cowboys Way – A Place Called Home That Makes You Feel Like You Are On Vacation All The Time

Twelve Cowboys Way residents experience many wonderful highlights including living at the most coveted address in the Frisco, Texas.  The luxury starts when you first lay eyes on the 17 store luxury tower which overlooks the 91-acre campus which allows you to take advantage of the prized view of the Dallas Cowboys World Headquarters, also…

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Truths a Seller Should Not Share With The Buyers When Selling Their Home

Though the only right thing to do as a home seller is to disclose everything about the house to the buyer so that the buyer does not face any unforeseen issues, it is also important for the seller to understand that there are some things which he should not openly talk about. In cases where an agent is…

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